This is the Mr. Robot Badge

Updated for Def Con 26

The Mr. Robot Badge is an independent electronic conference badge deployed this year at DEF CON. It is an open, hackable badge. It uses chips you couldn't buy last April. It uses manufacturing techniques never seen before in artistic PCBs. It has blockchains on a Tide Pod. It is the greatest expression of a demoscene of hardware and manufacturing.

MrRobotBadge is #badgelife

How do you get a Mr. Robot Badge?

After a run at HOPE and DEF CON we're now selling the remaining MrRobotBadges over on Tindie! We got free shipping to the US.

Hold up, Shitty Add-Ons?

Yes, shitty add-ons. It's an astonishing technology we developed for this year's badge that allows for interaction between different badges. We have created ten different shitty add-ons for this years badge, and they will all interoperate with other indie badges (and the official Def Con badge). Every Mr.RobotBadge gets one shitty add-on, chosen randomly. No, even the people selling the badges know which add-on you're going to get. If you don't get the add-on you want, trade with someone who did. What do the shitty add-ons look like? Take a gander:

The best shitty add-on is the Tide Pod. It's part of a game. The game is to eat as many Tide Pods as you can. Each Tide Pod contains a memory chip that contains a unique serial number. In the badge, this serial number is stored in a linked list where every item in the list contains a hash of the previous item in the list. We made a god damned blockchain out of Tide Pods. Want to know how this works? Take a look at the demo video

Open Hardware

The source and design files for the Mr. Robot Badge are over on the gits. If you want some code to get you started playing around, have released example firmware that allows you to manipulate the LED matrix and buttons. We want to see you build something cool with the MrRobotBadge.

If you fuck up your badge and want stock firmware, you can grab the bin here.

To program the MrRobotBadge, you're going to need an FTDI USB to Serial thingy. You can buy one on Amazon right now. Fry's will probably have one during the con.

Contact Mr. Robot Badge

Do you need to contact MrRobotBadge? The best way to do that is through Twitter. Alternatively, you can email a member of the team at