This is the Mr. Robot Badge

The Mr. Robot Badge is an independent electronic conference badge deployed this year at DEF CON. It is an open, hackable badge. There are also fidget spinners (for the kids). There are several games included on the Mr. Robot Badge including:




Wireless fun

How do you get a Mr. Robot Badge?

Sales will be announced on the MrRobotBadge Twitter.

Sales will occur at a random time, in a random place, somewhere near the con. The price for each badge is $100. Some badges will include swag, including but not limted to stickers and fidget spinners.

An Alternate Reality Game

Would you like to know, 'Who is Mr. Robot Badge'?. All questions will be answered. We have dropped hints on Twitter, on the web, and in the badge. If you are capable, you will discover who is Mr. Robot Badge.

Are you looking for a community to discuss the Mr. Robot Badge ARG? There is a subreddit dedicated to the cause. There is also a discord server and other various forums to discuss the ARG.

Open Hardware

The Mr. Robot Badge will be released under an Open Hardware license after the con. Until then, here is the schematic for the Mr. Robot Badge. You will need this to complete challenges. I highly suggest you find a USB->serial FTDI adapter. If you're going to Fry's, pick one of those up. Someone in the Hardware Hacking Village will surely have one, but don't be a leech.

Contact Mr. Robot Badge

Do you need to contact MrRobotBadge? The best way to do that is through Twitter. Alternatively, you can email a member of the team at